Aug. 4, 2022

Steve Eckert: Look Forward To Fear

Steve Eckert: Look Forward To Fear

Steve Eckert is a Personal Discipline and Development Accountability Coach. He is a United States Marine, Entrepreneur, Husband, and Father.

His unique style of blending Military Leadership, strategies and tactics, with the mindset and methods of an entrepreneur, combined with running at home businesses with his wife full time, have helped over 20,000 clients achieve Results and Life Transformations, over the past 22 years. He has built several successful companies and brands from scratch in the Coaching and Fitness industries. 

Steve is an Instructor and Co-Founder of the Men's Personal Development program called the Project as well as the Father and Son rite of passage experience called The Squire Program.

Steve's way of Life is to have a No Excuses, Role Model Mindset.  Operate to Dominate in your Discipline, Energy, Confidence, Action, and being your Freak self always remembering, You Are F@cking Awesome!

In this episode, Michael and Steve chop it up about the power of morning affirmations, why what you do in the morning dictates how the rest of your day will unfold, and why you should always have something fearful to look forward to.

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