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A great resource

Mike is a kind, engaged, motivated, and experienced person. His podcasts provides great resources and motivation that individuals in any part of their fitness journey can utilize. I encourage anyone interested in fitness and living a full life to give this podcast a try.

Thank You!

Thank you for your podcast, it really moved me especially the 2023 Morning Routine episode. Ive been feeling like I'm at the bottom of the “Totem pole” and you definitely made me feel a lot better keep up the good work brother I fully appreciate you.

Next Level Knowledge

This podcast has so many tip and tricks from successful people on their daily habits. You will 100% find different things you can add to your own routines that will just make you better person! 5 stars, look forward to the next episode!

Habit squad

Michael is the REAL deal. Habits to fatherhood to fitness to… OATMEAL lol, value in everything. Much love my man, and EVER FORWARD. -Chase Chewning

Can’t get enough of this show!

Michael, thank you for sharing all of the habits that have made you successful! Any one who listens and pays attention can benefit in some way.

incredible show!

ty michael!

Every episode is awesome

If you love motivational and self improvement podcasts, this is one of the best! Michael Chernow is a skilled interviewer and his guests don’t disappoint. I ALWAYS learn something new that I can implement into my daily habits to improve my life. I never miss the weekly episode!

Killer Concept

Practical, Relevant & Informative! Such cool convos to breakdown, and tap into, the tangible ways to crush each day and thrive. Learn from Michael and his guests, both sharing incredible value that you can actually apply.

Love the Rob Dyrdek and Adam Bornstein episodes!

I appreciate getting into the lives of people in this very intimate way because the simple question “what’s your morning routine” takes us right inside their bedrooms on a daily basis. These two guests were incredible. Rob Dyrdek’s morning email to his wife is something I’ve never heard of. And Adam Bornstein’s seasoned wisdom and clarity was a gift. Adam’s story about his dad was incredibly powerful as well. One area of feedback: I don’t know if it’s because of sensitivity to time or if it’s due to editing, but I would love to hear your response to their weighty answers vs the next question. It sounds unnatural to not hear even just an “that’s incredible, thank you for sharing that” before heading into the next question. Keep it up, love the gems I get while I’m lifting weights and listening!

Awesome podcast

Tons of life advice and also business. Great mix of content in this podcast glad I came across it!💪🏻

Life changing

Found kreature of habit by mistake. Glad I did… great podcast!

Needed this

So I missed the whole podcast wave I been slacking, but I been following Michael Chernow on IG for a while. Dude is pure motivation! I been doing a lot of habit building/breaking and this podcast just fits right into my needs and way of thinking. Pure octane keep it up can’t wait for my day to be on the show!


I stumbled across this podcast when I was looking for mindfulness and motivation podcasts. I’m glad I found it. The minis episodes are insightful and the guest always have an interesting story. Michael’s perspective on life is a refreshing and raw take.


Love this podcast so much motivation and positivity

Love the Show. Look Forward to it Every Week.

Fascinating conversations about whether successful people were born to do what they’re doing or whether they were made over time. Can’t wait for the next episode.

Inspiring Stories With Value for All

Love this show. The guests are inspiring and their stories always provide a lot of value. Looking forward to the next episode.

Love this pod!

I’ve been following Michael for a a couple years now via social media and mutual connections in the restaurant industry, and I’m extremely thankful that he is now making the time to host a podcast. It seems like he has lived 9 different lives which allows him to have various points of views on a number of topics. His (previous) world of restaurants is filled with mental/physical health issues, limiting thoughts and a seemingly endless grind but he has been able to rise above and thrive from that world. He and his guests are worth the listen!

Game changer

Love all the content that exists from this Podcast! What started as an opp to support Chernow in his inspiring endeavors as an old industry friend, has now become my own weekly habit to TUNE IN to. I live for the “Monday motivation” and the “habit labs.” For a guy that never, ever got into Podcasts, I can’t tell enough people to change the script and be playing this in the background throughout their weekdays. Big shoutout to my boy Mike for being vulnerable, open and real. Appreciate all you are doing to make people like me the best version of themselves! God bless bro.


As someone who has had to work on his mindset, I am fascinated by this question and the variety of answers to this question. Great host and incredible content. Straight 🔥! -Refugio-


High level discussions on all things health/wellness, fitness, optimization, and entrepreneurship. Hands down my favorite podcast to date 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Must listen!!

One of my favorite podcasts!

Powerful, Energetic, Honest, Realistic

I stumbled across this podcast when reading a quote that popped up on IG. The inspiration quote was good and (I try not to use ‘but’) this podcast is even better! If you want to listen to a guest then play any podcast, but if you want to FEEL the energy of the guest and the passion for what they do and the information they are sharing to the listener, then ‘Born or Made’ is the download for you!! Keep’em coming!!

Entertaining, informative and inspirational!

Good stuff! Valuable content and great selection of guests!

The Real Deal. Period.

Inspiring. Insightful. Inclusive. Michael’s podcast is truly a generous gift. It’s such a delight to listen and learn from other brilliant, talented, and successful humans. Highly recommend- you won’t be disappointed!

Best new podcast !

Chernow is back at it helping us understand how to live better and do better! Thank you bro!

Best of the best

You can learn so much from this guy.

You’ve gotta check it out!

Watched this podcast on YouTube because it was on Gary’s channel and I am hooked. There’s a little bonus on Episode 5 closer to the end for sports fans, don’t miss out.

A must listen

As someone who has worked with Mike, this is a must listen for anyone looking to get the best out of themselves.

Valuable Insights From Real Entrepreneurs

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Michael’s new podcast. Each episode is well produced and packed with valuable insights. Keep up the great work 👍🏻