May 3, 2023

Saad Alam: Excelling In Difficult Conversations

Saad Alam: Excelling In Difficult Conversations
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Saad Alam is the co-founder & CEO of Hone Health - the largest men’s hormone clinic in the country. Hone was founded with an unwillingness to accept that “aging” is interchangeable with “declining”. They don’t focus on turning back the clock or becoming who you used to be, because the real opportunity lies in helping you become the best you can be. Hone believes that our bodies can be optimized to reach their peak performance, for whatever it is that matters in your life. Whether it’s running an Iron Man at 45, or running in the backyard with your kids after a day in the office.
Hone does this through the cutting-edge healthcare platform that offers personalized care with data driven insights, licensed physician consultations, and medications, all from home.
In this episode, Michael and Saad discuss the first thing you should do every single morning, how to handle and embrace difficult conversations, and the best way to remedy problems in a long-term relationship.