Oct. 13, 2022

Richie Van Houten: Life Lessons From Mixed Martial Arts

Richie Van Houten: Life Lessons From Mixed Martial Arts
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Richie has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years, owning and operating his own gym in Hoboken, NJ.

He is a former Professional MMA fighter who trains professional fighters, athletes and celebrities, including Justin Bieber, and recently cornering UFC Champ and #1 female fighter in the world Valentina Shevchenko for her last 5 title defenses.

Richie was a former Division 1 wrestler who also holds a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under legendary Marcelo Garcia.

Richie also owns his own Real Estate Brokerage, Prestige Property Group in Montclair, NJ, helping over 40 agents grow their brand and business.

With everything that Richie does, he knows the importance of routine and healthy, daily habits. He believes that the only way to grow his brand and businesses is through daily consistent habits.

In this episode, Michael and Richie discuss what the discipline of martial arts will teach you, the importance of attacking your fears, and why you will never quit if you have this one thing.