Aug. 11, 2022

Ray “Cash” Care: The Mindset Shift Required For Success

Ray “Cash” Care: The Mindset Shift Required For Success

Ray “Cash” Care is a Navy SEAL veteran with multiple combat zone tours which provided both high and low profile security protection for various government agencies. At age 11 Ray’s father was murdered, leaving Ray angry and without direction until he learned about the elite Navy SEALs. 

Upon leaving the SEAL Teams and CIA, Ray turned his passion and SEAL Team experience to the world of self-improvement and team building. He has become an accomplished team building expert and speaker on topics ranging from fitness and building high functioning teams to organizational transformation. 

Ray has teamed up with Bedros Keuilian, entrepreneur and New York Times Best Selling Author, and created The Squire Program, a father and son experience designed to restore healthy masculinity in young men.

Ray is also the Lead Instructor for “The Project,” a 75hr fully immersive life changing course. This course pushes men to their physical, mental, emotional limits to help them realize their highest self.

However Ray’s true passion is working with young men in The Squire Program and helping them develop into capable and confident leaders of the future. 

In this powerful episode, Michael and Ray talk about the role men have in society, one thing you should NOT do every night, and the mindset shift all successful people go through.

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