April 5, 2023

Monica Richards: Betterment From The Inside Out

Monica Richards: Betterment From The Inside Out
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Monica Richards is a former farm girl turned eco-friendly interior designer and trained Hollywood TV Host who launched her lifestyle brand, ecobabe, to empower people to live more sustainably with credence that what they do matters. In addition to the ecobabe blog, YouTube channel and shop, Monica provides Sustainability Consultations for homeowners and brands, as well as Zero Waste and Composting Workshops for companies and groups worldwide. She also co-founded Better Collective - a membership driven, inclusive community built with 'together for a better world' at its core.

Throughout her hosting career, Monica has reported on rounds of red carpets and press junkets, while starring in commercials and online news shows with many a viral video. Currently, Monica is the face of Better Earth, where she hosts a popular solar education series, with more climate projects in development and the launch of a positive climate news program on its way.

Monica's North Star is to evolve sustainable living into daily life with community education, while connecting cultures with nature (and with one another) to support the healing of our Earth and all who reside here.

In this episode, Michael and Monica discuss small habits you can follow to live more sustainably, the transformative power of alchemy, and how to improve your inner space.