May 17, 2023

Michael Chernow: The Playbook For Your Evening Routine

Michael Chernow: The Playbook For Your Evening Routine
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On Episode 71 of the Kreatures of Habit Podcast, our founder, Michael Chernow, is back with another solo show!
Michael launched KOH because he wanted to share his belief in habits through his personal story of change — and how our habits determine whether we are going to be successful in our personal and professional lives, just get by, or worse, be miserable.
He believes that the key to an epic and productive morning starts the night before — with a great wind down routine.
In this episode, Michael discusses his evening routine, the breathwork practices that will help you relax your mind and body, and how he developed the formula for Knight Kap, Kreatures of Habit’s sleep formula, optimized for better relaxation, rest, and recovery (AVAILABLE NOW)!
Watch the full episode on our YouTube channel, or listen wherever you get your podcasts.