July 28, 2022

Michael Brandt: The Value Of Living An 80/20 Lifestyle

Michael Brandt: The Value Of Living An 80/20 Lifestyle

Everything Michael Brandt does is fast and intense. Aside from being the CEO and co-founder of Health Via Modern Nutrition (H.V.M.N.), he cruises through marathons at a cool 6-minute mile pace.

With the launch of Ketone-IQ, Michael and his team created an entirely new category of ketone shots, which have taken over elite sports and high-end workplaces.

Michael has quickly scaled the business to multi-million dollars in revenue, including a $6MM contract with the US Department of Defense. As CEO, Michael is focused on cultivating a world-class team and increasing education and access to metabolic health & performance.

Michael majored in computer science and product design at Stanford. He scored 99th percentile on his GMAT but decided to skip business school and go straight into entrepreneurship. Prior to starting H.V.M.N. he was a professor of brand strategy at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Michael and his cofounder were awarded Forbes 30 Under 30.

Outside of work, Michael is an avid triathlete and holds a 2:42 personal record for the marathon. He lives with his wife and daughter in LA.

In this episode, Chernow and Brandt discuss the value of a living an 80/20 lifestyle, what to NOT do during the first hour of every morning, and how to combat work-life burnout.

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