July 27, 2020

Megan Dolce | The Leadership Mindset

Megan Dolce | The Leadership Mindset

Megan Dolce is a mental health advocate, life coach, culture consultant and the founder of Ripe. She is an incredible, empathetic human being that helps athletes, business executives, and many other professionals navigate the challenges and hurdles of various points of life. Megan's company Ripe is an education space that provides their community with the tools they need to grow and summit adversity every step of the way. 

On this episode Michael and Megan dive deep into leadership and the characteristics of a true leader. They cover Megan's childhood and the confidence and empathy her parents instilled in her, which led to the success she achieved in her professional career. Megan's core beliefs are rooted in people over profits, and this is the north star for her and those she consults. That mindset is what leads people and organizations to build great companies around unique culture, which is the bedrock for successful organizations and purpose driven prosperity. 

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