March 31, 2022

Katie Kaps & Lauren Berlingeri: Feeling Tired All Day?

Katie Kaps & Lauren Berlingeri: Feeling Tired All Day?

Katie and Lauren are the co-founders of HigherDOSE. Katie is a former investor and fitness enthusiast and her co-founder, Lauren, is a trained nutritionist and health coach. After meeting through a mutual friend, they instantly bonded over their shared passion for wellness and recognition of the untapped wellness properties of infrared that encompassed everything from detox and weight loss to workout recovery and relaxation.

Together, they launched the first HigherDOSE spa in NYC in 2016 and they have experienced meteoric growth since day one — over the last 12 months the company has generated $15m in revenue, with minimal investment since launch and a pandemic to boot — a testament to their bootstrapping abilities.

Embodying the definition of a lean startup, Katie and Lauren created all of HigherDOSE’s initial branding themselves (even acting as models in their first campaigns) and mastered how to quickly pivot their strategies, creating an 8-figure startup with only 4 full time employees.

They began with physical infrared sauna locations that offered a never-before-seen infrared experience, creating a devoted customer base that paved the way for their at-home sauna systems to succeed. Now with 5 at-home SKUs, multiple sellouts of the blanket and mat, and upcoming expansion plans under their belt, the future of infrared — and HigherDOSE — is shining bright.

In this episode, we chat about the benefits of an infrared sauna, how to meditate (even if you don’t like meditation), and the number one reason why you might feel tired all day.

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