July 6, 2020

Kari Pearce | Proof That Superheros Do Exist

Kari Pearce | Proof That Superheros Do Exist

Kari Pearce is a straight-up superhero. She's a five-time CrossFit Games athlete and three-time Fittest American Female. She is currently the 5th fittest woman on earth and has been in the top 10 the last four years. She holds the NY State bench press record at 240 lbs and she's the founder of PowerAbs. The list goes on...

She began her athletic career as a gymnast at the age of 3 and did it for 18 years straight. Kari was on the Varsity Gymnastics team at the University of Michigan where her team won 4 Big Ten Championships, and she earned her degree in Movement Science.

Michael talks to Kari about her athletic successes and her never-ending drive to compete and win. Plus, her thoughts on hard work vs natural talent, and her decision to live a life that makes her happy, not what the others may think is the better choice.

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