Sept. 16, 2020

Josh Kopel | Success Is A Mindset

Josh Kopel | Success Is A Mindset

Joshua Kopel is an entrepreneur, restaurateur and environmental advocate. Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he headed to LA thinking he'd find an innovative concept & bring it back home. It turns out LA craved some of that southern hospitality. Josh found success on the west coast in his creative and unique establishments that served up not just great food and drinks but one of a kind experiences, and that's what the customers kept coming back for. Josh also founded FLO Hospitality Solutions, a company solely focused  on leveraging tech to bring more humanity to the customer service  experience, not less.

This conversation was recorded at the beginning of the pandemic and at the time Josh's incredibly popular Michelin-rated fine dining concept, Preux & Proper was one of the many restaurants struggling to keep their doors open. Since then Josh has had to make the difficult decision to close Preux & Proper. However, like many of Josh's inspiring insights in this discussion opportunity presents itself at times we may not think are ideal, and the end of one experience means the beginning of another. 

Michael and Josh delve into mindset, success, and the importance of culture at any establishment. Plus how the culture feeds the staff and the staff inspires the patrons, and the cycle comes full circle, manifesting growth and success. Be sure to check out Josh's podcast, blog and video series Full Comp, where he serves the hospitality industry by seeking out thought leaders from within and outside of the hospitality space, using their  wisdom to help the restaurateurs survive the present and thrive in the future. 

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