May 24, 2023

Jennifer Cohen Pt. 1: Harness The Power Of Movement

Jennifer Cohen Pt. 1: Harness The Power Of Movement
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Jennifer Cohen is an entrepreneur, podcaster, educator and bestselling author. Her latest book, Bigger Better Bolder hit #1 in business on Amazon and the Wall Street Journal Bestselling list. She’s been a long-time authority in health and wellness where she has co-founded numerous companies, including No Gym Required and Hot 5, which was acquired by Weight Watchers.
Jennifer has well established expertise and experience in branding and non-traditional marketing working as a spokesperson and advisor to companies like Celsius, Tonal , BLK Water, Tru Niagen, Nike, and Proctor & Gamble. 
Her podcast “Habits and Hustle” is regularly ranked in the top 10 business podcasts in the world on Apple podcasts and is widely regarded for helping thousands of people with their wellness and productivity. Some past guests include, Mark Cuban, Simon Sinek, Mathew McConaughy, Chelsea Handler, Tony Robbins and many more.
Jennifer is also an in-demand motivational speaker for a range of companies as well as business schools, and her TEDx talk has more than 7 million views on YouTube. Jennifer lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their two little superstars, Dylan and Sydney.
In this episode, Michael and Jennifer discuss the pros and cons of having a high amount of daily habits, how to meditate if you struggle staying still, and the power of movement for positive mental health.