Oct. 21, 2020

Jay Ferrugia | Programming Your Mind For Fufillment

Jay Ferrugia | Programming Your Mind For Fufillment

Jay Ferruggia has figured out the mindset game and he's been helping guys get jacked and become the strongest version of themselves since 1994. He's a fitness expert, performance coach, speaker, author, and host of the Renegade Radio Podcast, which has had millions of downloads since its launch in 2014. 

Jay grew up skinny, weak and painfully insecure, but over the years he educated himself and trained his mind to overcome not only his physical hurdles, but more importantly the mental ones that were the real hurdles holding him back. Since then, he's been a consultant and coach to professional athletes, Hollywood entertainers, law enforcement and military personnel.  Over the last two decades, he’s dedicated his life to helping others overcome the same struggles he dealt with, and pushed more than 200,000 regular men make life-changing transformations.  On the way he’s been featured in Men's Fitness, Men's Health, Muscle & Fitness, and a ton of other media outlets. He’s also been named one of the Top 30 Health Influencers in the World.

In this episode Michael and Jay breakdown Jay's tools to programming your mind for success and fulfillment, including everything from his daily routine to the type of music he listens to for positive reinforcement. Even removing negative influences from your circle and re-programming THEM to adhere to your influence. This one goes deep on the power of your inner voice and how it affects your day to day. This is one you don't want to miss!

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