Oct. 12, 2020

Emily Abbate | All It Takes Is All You've Got

Emily Abbate | All It Takes Is All You've Got

Emily Abbate is fierce and inspiring. Her story starts off in a small town in Connecticut where she grew up like most young girls in a loving home with support and guidance. Fast forward to today, Emily is a freelance journalist, motivational speaker, 8-time marathoner, and run coach. She writes health and fitness content regularly for publications from GQ to Women’s Health, just to name a few. She also hosts a wellness-focused podcast, dubbed “addictive” by The New York Times (they're right), called Hurdle, where she talks to everyone from elite athletes to top CEOs about their highest highs and toughest moments. 

In this episode Emily gets honest and vulnerable about her struggle with weight loss and body image, and what led up to her moment of change to lose over 70 lbs. She describes the moment she stepped on the scale and realized it was time to chase her happiness. She discusses her methods to overcome temptation and how to be honest with yourself, in order to achieve your goals and turn hurdles into opportunities. Plus, her love of writing and how it started at a very young age and has been a part of her life ever since. This episode is chock full of inspiration so get ready to get fired up!

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