July 21, 2020

Daniel Holzman | A Story of Friendship, Loss, Growth And Wisdom

Daniel Holzman | A Story of Friendship, Loss, Growth And Wisdom

This episode of Born or Made is a personal one, as Michael sits down with childhood best friend and business partner Daniel Holzman. Daniel is a chef, restaurateur, author and sought-after educator, who's work has been published in Saveur, the New York Times, TASTE, and Afar, among others. He's appeared in countless local and national broadcast segments and print publications, and as a competitor, lead character, and judge in hundreds of hours of television programming including The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Tonight Show, and many others. 

Michael and Daniel met as kids growing up on the streets of New York City at the ages of 12 and 13. They came up together in the culinary world and eventually founded the Meatball Shop restaurants.  As deep as their personal friendship was, their professional relationship was a tumultuous one and they clashed over how to run their businesses, eventually parting ways for some time. Each went on his own path and recently reconnected and rekindled their friendship.

In this episode Daniel and Michael dive into their relationship as friends and as business partners. They share their story of growing up and eventually launching an amazing business together. Plus, where they failed as business partners and how that almost destroyed their friendship forever. This is an honest conversation of wisdom and humility with each one admitting their flaws and insecurities. It's a must listen for anyone in a partnership, and an incredible story of entrepreneurialism, friendship, struggle and how ego and pride can take control of your better judgement, if you're not careful.

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