April 21, 2022

Chris Parnell: Take Control Of Your Day

Chris Parnell: Take Control Of Your Day

Chris Parnell is a strength and muscle building coach based in NYC, and currently a natural Men’s Physique competitor. When he’s not competing, he’s providing the most optimal training experience for high-profile clientele in Soho, New York.

Chris had success at his first physique show and continues to diet and work on his bodybuilding for the next upcoming season. He placed third in his division and his goal is to become pro in 2022.

Competing has been a major growth experience for Chris and helped him gain new clients in the fitness space, including fitness professionals. Chris currently guides his peers with dieting for weight loss/fat loss or muscle gain.

When Chris isn’t moving that iron or measuring his macros, he’s writing his thoughts down and recording it over some beats. He and his friends make rap music together and are currently working on a project for the summer of 2022.

In this episode, Michael and Chris talk about how to find out what you’re passionate about, the number one way to take control of your day, and a super valuable piece of nutritional advice.

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