July 13, 2020

Anthony Mendez | Mind Over Matter Moves Mountains

Anthony Mendez | Mind Over Matter Moves Mountains

Anthony Mendez is an entrepreneur, coach, athlete, and fitness professional specializing in loaded & unloaded movement training. You've likely seen him featured in publications like Men's Health and Mens Journal, to name a few. His 10 + years of experience and unique style of training have garnered him a Puma athlete ambassadorship, private clientele and hundreds of thousands of followers. He’s all about nourishing the mind, body and soul, and he’s a dedicated influencer on social media who uses his platform to learn, network, & work with others to create an impact in the community. 

Michael and Anthony go in depth on the power of positivity, plus the anchors that helps Anthony focus and achieve incredible feats.  A recurring theme being finding your motivation (your why) and centering that in your purpose. From there everything else falls into place and obstacles become nothing in the pursuit for greatness.

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