Aug. 10, 2020

Adam Richman | Born To Entertain

Adam Richman | Born To Entertain

If you are a lover of food television you probably know Adam Richman. He's an author, chef and tv host who currently hosts The History Channel's Food That Built America, American Made, and the upcoming Dave's Supperman. However, we were all introduced to Adam in 2008 when he brought out the challenger in all of us in the incredibly popular Travel Channel's Man vs Food. For 4 seasons we tuned in every week to watch Adam take on ridiculous food challenges and eat dishes that would make a cardiologist cry. He wasn't some celeb chef in the kitchen making fancy dishes we couldn't pronounce. He was the every man, the one who took on challenges with wholehearted gusto and took us along for the ride. And ride we did - each week, drooling at the over the top menu items and crazy challenges Adam accepted in each episode. Adam and Man vs Food put restaurants on the map and led to local eateries around the world developing their own food challenges, and that's an impressive legacy to leave. 

Michael and Adam discuss Adam's story from the beginning. Growing up in a Jewish family in Brooklyn NY and how the diversity of NYC opened Adam's eyes to cuisines from every part of the world. His time at Yale studying drama and working, pretty much every job in the restaurant industry. Plus, how his love and study of acting and the theater combined with his experience and passion for culinary arts put him on a path to host one of the most popular TV food programs of all time, which he quite literally was made for. If you've got a dream and not sure how to achieve it, this episode is for you. 

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