Nov. 4, 2020

Adam Bossie | Be Committed And Welcome Failure

Adam Bossie | Be Committed And Welcome Failure

Adam Bossie is the cofounder and CEO of Afficionado Coffee Roasters, but he wasn't always a coffee connoisseur. Like many entrepreneurs he played in many fields and started various businesses. It was during his full time gig as a financial analyst and compliance associate that he became disillusioned and yearned to return his entrepreneurial roots. That's when he decided to quit his day job and pursue his passion of coffee roasting . He started roasting coffee on his mom’s bbq on the weekends and peddling it at local farmers markets in New Jersey. Eventually, Adam struck out and traveled to the places coffee grows and fell in love with the culture, the craftsmanship, and the unparalleled hospitality he experienced across Africa and Central & South Americas. After forming relationships with these local farmers Afficianado Coffee Roasters began it's journey.

Today Adam oversees daily operations of Afficionado and acts as the company's lead visionary. He tells Michael about his family roots in entrepreneurship and how his parents influenced him in that mindset. Plus, his formula for success by way of failure and passion for what you do. 

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