Feb. 24, 2022

Adam Bornstein: Fill Up Your Life’s Bucket

Adam Bornstein: Fill Up Your Life’s Bucket

Adam Bornstein is a New York Times bestselling author and, according to The Huffington Post, “one of the most inspiring sources in all of health and fitness.”

Bornstein is the founder of Pen Name Consulting and Born Fitness.  At Pen Name, Bornstein has consulted with everyone from Reid Hoffman (founder of LinkedIn), Eric Schmidt (former CEO of Google), and Tim Ferriss (The Tim Ferriss Show), as well as Equinox, Microsoft, Tonal, Beachbody, and Dollar Shave Club.

An award-winning writer and editor, Bornstein has worked with some of the biggest wellness brands. He is the former Chief Nutrition Officer at Ladder, and the Vice President of Nutrition for FitOn, the largest fitness app in the world. Previously, he was fitness editor for Men’s Health magazine and Editorial Director at LIVESTRONG.com. He’s also served as nutrition advisor for LeBron James, Cindy Crawford, Lindsey Vonn, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

His work has been featured in dozens of publications, including The New York Times, Fast Company, ESPN, and GQ, and he’s appeared on Good Morning America, The Today Show, E! News, and The Cheddar.

In this episode, we touch on the importance of goal-setting, when it’s okay to break a good habit, and how to fill up your life’s bucket with what you’re truly proud of.

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